Yoga with Ruth


Yoga is practised by millions of people throughout the world and for many different reasons.  Whether practicing yoga for physical health and to ease aches and pains and create a happy body, or  practising to create stillness within the mind, YOGA WORKS!! Which is why it is still going strong after over 5000 years!  


A common myth is that yoga is for bendy people!! Yoga is suitable for all - it creates space within our bodies and our minds and can be practiced by anyone.  It is proven to help lower stress levels which means it is great for us all, living in this fast paced world.  It can also help those with breathing, cardio or blood pressure conditions.  


Classes are available for mature students too and practices can be modified if anyone has any mobility difficulties.  Pregnancy Yoga and Mum & Baby Yoga classes are also available, as well as workshops to promote healthy posture, to tap into our inner fire, to tune into our divine feminine energy and more!


If you'd like any further information, call Ruth on 07716 077230  



t:   07716 077230


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